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Earn up to $150 with NYRA Rewards

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* Please note this promotion is now only available to online sign-ups and ends on 6/8/2014

Receive up to $150 with the NYRA Rewards "$5 A Day – Every Day"* Promotion!
*Available for New Sign-ups Only, must wager $5 online, on-track, or by touch tone wagering to receive the $5 in your account by the following day.  Promotion lasts for 30 days from account creation
Three Easy Steps
  1. Enroll in NYRA Rewards (click here)
  2. Make at least $5 worth of wagers online, on-track or by automated phone wagering (wagers with live phone tellers do not apply towards the promotion)
  3. Repeat for a total of 30 days
Q.        How does the promotion work?
A.           New sign-ups beginning Thursday, May 1 through Saturday, June 7 are eligible for up to $150 in sign-up bonuses!  New sign-ups must simply make $5 in wagers to receive a $5 bonus.  Don't worry if you miss a day as the promotion is active for 30 calendar days after your account is created.  All wagers made on-track, online, voice recognition, touch tone and mobile wagering apply.  Please note, wagers made by phone with live operators do not count towards the promotion.
Q.           Am I eligible for the promotion if I have already signed up for NYRA Rewards?
A.            This promotion is for new sign-ups only.
Q.           Where can I view my $5 deposit to make sure it has been credited?
A.            Patrons can view this information online under the "Adjustments" column in their Historical Transactions on  The bonus will be deposited the following day by noon.
Q.           What if I cancel a wager or a bet was canceled due to a late scratch?
A.            These bets will not count towards your $5 minimum total.
Q.           What if I miss making a bet on one day of the promotion?
A.            You will not receive the $5 deposit in your account the following day.  However, you can still wager today and will receive a $5 deposit in your account the following day by noon.
Q.           What if I am an out of state resident?
A.            Out of state residents can enroll in NYRA Rewards but can only wager on-track.
Q.           Why don’t phone wagers count towards the promotion?
A.            Phone wagers do count towards the promotion but they must be made via our touch tone or automated voice recognition wagering systems.  For more information on these, visit the phone wagering section.

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