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Wagering Options

NYRA offers four [4] convenient ways to wager: on-track, phone, online or via a mobile device.

On-track: Use your NYRA Rewards card at any self service terminal to wager or to make voucher deposits and withdrawals.

Phone:  Call 1-800-THE-NYRA and follow the prompts

Internet: Visit

Mobile Wagering:

  • It’s the new way to use your NYRA Rewards account.  Once you set up your account.  Internet & Mobile Wagering is available only to NYRA Rewards members who are New York State residents.
  • If you have a NYRA Rewards account, login at for Internet Wagering. A brief registration process is required with your first Internet Wagering login.
  • Current NYRA Rewards account holders wishing to use Mobile Wagering must first register for Internet Wagering. Once your account has been configured and authorized for Internet wagering, visit to access the NYRA Rewards Mobile Wagering platform.using your BlackBerry, iPhone, or other mobile device. 
  • If you are a New York resident, simply click here to sign up online
  • Or click here to download a printable application for a NYRA Rewards account.

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